Subscription Service

I'm introducing my new subscription service on Substack called The Neurodiverse Couple which includes regular essays and othe resources on topics related specifically to the experience of neurodiverse couples.

Both partners in a neurodiverse relationship have challenges related to the differences between them, some of which can change and some of which cannot. That's the focus of the work we do together in our couple sessions.

However, as you know, each partner also has a unique set of concerns that relate specifically to being either the autistic or the neurotypical partner in the neurodiverse relationship. In our couple sessions, we cannot address in detail one side or another with the kind of emphasis and complexity it would warrant in individual sessions, since our goal is related to communication and connection between the two partners.

The series addresses perspectives of both the neurotypical and the autistic partner. 

You can subscribe either by the month for $5 or by the year for $50. The subscription link can be found at the end of each essay. The essays are available to the public at the present time with a free subscription. The paid subscription includes access to the full archive and other options as I develop them, including access to group meetings and messaging.

I hope you find this new service of interest and that the information is useful to you. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know either through an email or by leaving a comment at the end of an essay.

If you have a particular topic or concern you would like me to address in an essay, please let me know.