What You Can Expect when We Work Together

Coaching is an intensely personal experience. Your specific relationship concerns are the center of our work and they form the basis of everything we do together as we explore neurodiversity and its implications. I will point out to you possible obstacles, and I will point out possible options you may not have been able to see. I will ask you questions that will help you refine your choices.

I will offer you clinical education regarding neurodiversity as well as sound strategies for improving your communication skills. Initially, you will complete some forms which ask you about your goals and about what you feel is blocking your progress. We will refer to these aspects throughout our work together, and we will make certain we are addressing them as we incorporate any new goals that may arise during the coaching process.

I recommend that you begin by taking one or more of the courses I have developed, which you will find on Each course runs three hours.

You will find previews for the courses on my YouTube Channel called The Neurodiverse Couple.

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