For Individuals

Maybe your partner isn't ready for couple coaching. What can you do?

First of all, please know that it's not unusual. Many times it is the neurotypical partner who first begins to wonder whether neurodiversity as autism in the other partner might help a couple understand their differences. If you mention it, your partner may agree to explore it. That's where my couple coaching can be a great help.

But at other times, one partner isn't interested at all.

If you are struggling because you believe your partner may be autistic, if traditional couple counseling hasn't helped and in fact may have actually made things worse, you are welcome to contact me for individual work.

You can't solve all your challenges on your own. But you can learn about neurodiversity, see how it affects your relationship, and begin to adopt new strategies for communication that improve the likelihood that you and your partner can get along better than you are doing at the moment.

Also, if your partner is autistic, you have some unique challenges of your own to address.

Please contact me if you're interested in learning about how we might work together in your best interest.

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