Over the years of working with neurodiverse couples, I've noticed that there are many recurrent challenges that arise and present obstacles for both partners. All couples are unique, but there are some commonly experienced challenges. I offer these three-hour courses which address these one by one in an effort to provide the information to as many couples around the world as might be interested in exploring neurodiversity. I am adding more courses regularly. You can see descriptions of upcoming courses on the linked course website.

Because there is so much information packed into these courses, I recommend that you consider enrolling in one or more before contacting me for couple work. This way, you will already have the educational backrgound and an overview of communication strategies before we begin our work together, which will allow us to move more quickly into an exploration of your own specific relationship challenges.

Each course is divided into smaller sections so that you can proceed at your own pace. This also makes it easy to find a particular section for future reference or to share with your partner. Once you enroll in a course, you will have permanent access to the material. Courses include resource material.

Three courses are already available so far. These three are designed for you if you wonder whether exploring the concept of neurodiversity might help inform some of the challenges you are facing. The material in these classes is desigined to be shared as a way to approach your differences with compassion and a shared goal of creating more effective ways to communicate and to love each other. Some of the material is geared specifically toward the experience of the neurotypical partner as it relates to the neurodiverse relationship.

I work with straight, gay, and lesbian couples. While these three courses are designed for a woman whose male partner is or may be autistic, primarily as a result of language challenges in English, there are similarities as well as differences among these three relationships. More courses in the future will relate specifically to other couple constellations.

COURSE 1: Sorting It All Out: The Autistic and Neurotypical Worlds

We explore the subject of autism and what it means to be neurotypical. You will see the differences in how you each view the world and respond to it, and begin to understand how these differences play out in your relationship. This course includes strategies for addressing the differences with mutual respect, which leads to compassion and improved communication. The course runs three hours. The fee is $250.

COURSE 2: The Neurodiverse Relationship: Challenges to Love and Intimacy

We discuss what I call The Tragic Dance of the Neurodiverse Couple: love, unspoken expectations, and your sex life in light of what can change and what cannot. We look at the reasons so many neurodiverse couples have long since given up on sex, and what you might do about this if it's problematic for you. But there are other kinds of intimacy equally important, and we will consider them as well. The course runs three hours. The fee is $250.

COURSE 3: Maybe My Partner Is Autistic

This course is an exploration of behaviors and attitudes that might help you discern whether to consider autism in your partner. The course is educational and not meant to be diagnostic. It's a place to start if you're unsure and would like to understand autism as a possible root of aspects of your relationship that you struggle to understand. It is an exploration of the Twenty Questions for the Neurotypical Partner. The course runs three hours. The fee is $250.

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