Schedule a Session

For appointments after January 2022, you are able to schedule your appointment online.

Please note that appointment availability can be limited, and that you may have to schedule a bit in advance of our first opportunity to meet. There is a 72-hour cancellation policy, and full fee will be charged for a missed appointment. Fees are due before our we meet for our session.

In Session

In our first session, we will discuss your main concerns and identify your goals. Our next session will include an introduction to neurodiversity so that you can begin to see where your differences lie and how these differences are expressed and experienced in your relationship. Then I will create the four-session plan to address your primary areas of concern and we will meet either weekly or every other week. After that, you are welcome to schedule additional sessions if you like. My goal is to respect both your schedule and your budget.

Throughout our work together, I will listen, hear, reflect to you what you are saying, and help you in being accountable to your own passions and goals.

You can work with me while you are working with your therapist or couple counselor. This is often a good combination, and I am always happy to consult with other professionals in support of your growth.

Our focus here is on helping you understand both sides of the neurodiverse relationship, the autistic and the neurotypical, so that the differences can become clear and accommodated. Our work includes education as well as practical strategies and skills for more effective communication in order to increase the sense of intimacy you experience in your relationship.

I am here for you when you are ready.

If you are not ready, please know that I wish you well in your efforts to resolve the issues that brought you here to read my words in the first place.